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Only the Highest Quality, Commercial grade, hand made, stainless steel flounder gigs
and Custom made Flounder LED lights, for walking, flounder boats, and bowfishing boats.

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Flounder Removal Box

This box is a "must have" on a flounder boat...!
NOTE: The Size and Design may vary slightly from above photo.

This item is currently NOT available for shipment
Contact us for details

Price: $115.00 + Shipping (subject to change)
(Local pickup suggested...Shipping is available by USPS
and FedEX Ground Home Delivery. Strongly suggest you contact
us for a shipping cost estimate BEFORE you order....)

Makes removal of flounder from your gig QUICK and EASY so your ready for the next one!


Note: All Sales are Final - No exceptions
(exchanges for different model light will be considered if shipment has not been made)

Call 979-532-2577 for information or to talk gigging :)


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.....If you have placed an order with us and have not received it, it is important that you call us at 979-532-2577 to confirm that we received the order or to see if there is a problem with your order information. We try to reply by email to all orders received to confirm receipt of the order. Thanks!


Note: All Sales are Final - No exceptions
(exchanges for different model light will be considered if shipment has not been made)
Should a return be allowed, there will be a 10% restocking fee and buyer pays all shipping.

No international or overseas shipments.

Capt. Jeff Starling, Statesboro GA.
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For more information or help with an order, email us at sales@gigflounder.com

Deposit for Orders

Just make a $100 Deposit and Pay Balance when you Pickup Your Order

This is for our local customers...Give Us a Call to Discuss Your Items
and then make the deposit....no Shipping costs charged this way.

Be sure to read Deposit Agreement Terms.

NOTE: When making a deposit, please read the Deposit Agreement
terms with respect to forfeiture of the deposit when items are not pickedup
in a timely manner. By making the deposit, you indicate that you agree with these terms.

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