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Custom Made Stainless Steel Flounder Gigs w/ Aluminum Handles.
LED Flounder Gigging Lights for above water and UNDERWATER Flounder Gigging.

Pro Model 24w and 30w Underwater LED Flounder Lights

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Recent News and Latest 2016 Products
Updated January 31, 2016

The Flounder Finder LED Gigging Lights
are now available!

Underwater Gigging Lights
3300-3500 Lumen
30-50 watt

Two LED Colors Available:
Neutral White 42004500K
Warm White 3200-3500K

Make your choice when ordering

Click Here to veiw the light
and the Order Information

What We Have Been Working On Lately - 2016


Price Reduced....SALE...SALE...SALE...SALE
Our 20W/24W Underwater LED Flounder Gigging Lights
Available as our Pro Model (round) or as the Flounder Finder II,
and Flounder Finder III models (neutral white only*).
*When used in our "FF III", the wattage is doubled...!

We are Reducing Our Inventory of 20/24Watt Underwater Lights
Don't be fooled by the lesser wattage.. These are BRIGHT!
These gigging lights feature the brightess 50mil Bridgelux** Chips.
Lumen rating of 2500-2600 Brightness
(**American Made LED Chips - 120-130LM per watt )
>> Now only $124.95 - Save $30 off regular prices <<
Click Here

Highest Quality, Commercial grade, hand made, stainless steel flounder gigs
Custom made Flounder LED lights for flounder boats and bowfishing boats.

Call 979-532-2577 for information on lights and gigs.

Underwater LED Flounder Gigging Lights


Bright Just Got Brighter!

The "Flounder Finder"
3300-3500 Lumen
USA Made Bridgelux Chips

Click Here for Details
Our Pro Model Lights
with 45mil, 50mil*, 60mil*
(*BridgeLux) LED chips,
20watt and 30watt
Hi Intensity LEDs
(2400 and 3600LM)

Warm White, or Green

New for 2015
Flounder Finder II
Underwater Light
Available as 30w,

WARRANTY: **Our new Flounder Finder light and the Flounder Finder II light have a two year warranty with the exception of lights that show evidence of abuse, modification, neglect, improper maintenance, or intentional or accidental misuse or damage. Take care of the light and it will give you many years of trouble free use.
The Fine Print:
Warranty does not cover damage to any aspect of the product caused by weathering, atmospheric fallout, or other corrosive residue, and does not extend to loss or damage caused by normal wear and tear. Warranty does not cover cosmetic damages (scratches, dents…etc.) The warranty is under no circumstances transferable to any other party that is not the original buyer of the Product.
The user of the light must be able to provide proof of purchase. This warranty only covers a Product that is purchased directly from GigFlounder.com. In the case the model of light is no longer manufactured, the then current closest functionally equivalent replacement light will be used as determined by GigFlounder.com technician.

50watt LED Boat Lights
Above Water LED Flounder gigging  light
Available as
30w or 50w
Warm White
Above Water LED
Hand-held Light
Available as
20w or 30w
Warm White
Sealed Lead Acid
Rechargeable, Spillproof
4Ah and 7Ah

2500 Lumen Brightness

Battery Charger
for Gigging Batteries
1amp rated with
auto cut-off when
battery is fully charged

Above Water LED
Gigging Package #1
Hand-held Light
Batteries, gig,
Backpack, and Charger
UnderWater LED
Gigging Package #2
20w Hand-held Light
Batteries, gig,
and Charger

Flounder Gigs - Walking Gigs and Flounder Boat Gigs

Complete Gigs w/Handles
Walking and Boat Gigs
4ft long or 8ft long
Stainless Steel Heads
Gig Heads Only
Without the Handles
are also Available

Flounder Removal Box
Makes removing them
from the Gigs Easy

Our Gigging Lights are BRIGHTER AND BETTER because we use BIG LED chips.
Our Pro Model LED lights all use Hi intensity 45, 50, and 60mil LED chips!

The large chips make these lights much brighter than similar
underwater LED gigging lights sold elsewhere....!

Why settle for less when you can use the Brightest and the BEST...!

Photo Gallery - Recent Gigging Trips

Information on Wiring LED Boat Lights

Batteries for Underwater CORDLESS lights

User of our products - Testimonials

For infomation, Please call 979-532-2577

Click here for Important Information if you wish to Order by Phone

No international or overseas shipments.

Links to the Build of our Flounder Boat: Link 1 | Link 2

List of Aluminum Boat Builders... Click here for listing

If you need something related to FLOUNDER GIGGING and you don't see it here, Give us a call.
We may have it, can build it, or know where to find what you are looking for....

Capt. Jeff Starling, Statesboro GA.
Flounder Gigging Charters - Guided Trips and Information


Flounder Commander Gigs and LED Lights
Custom Made Flounder Gigs and Flounder Gigging Lights

Our Gigs are hand made from extra strong, rust resistant 5/16" diameter stainless steel rod.
These gigs are hand made with extra attention to Appearance, Detail, and Workmanship.

Our gigs are built to last a lifetime with barbs that last and NEVER wear out.

You absolutely will not find a better made flounder gig anywhere ... !!

Video - Raw Footage of Oct. 31, 2011
Flounder Gigging Trip in Matagorda Bay, Texas

If you have a question about the flounder gigs shown here, call us.
Scroll this page for more information or give us a call 979-532-2577.

Here's an up close look at a gig point and barb. These Stainless Steel Barbs
will not wear out....They will keep you from loosing fish.

Shopping Cart Orders - Pay with Credit Card or PayPal

If you wish to pay with US Postal MONEY ORDER, give us a call and we can take your order over the phone and ship to you once your payment is received.

NOTE: You do not have to have to pay with Credit card or a PayPal account to make your payment; Money Order from the POST OFFICE will be fine....just call first to discuss the order and payment.

We will email you to confirm receipt of your order. If you do not receive this email, call us at 979-532-2577.

Call 979-532-2577 for information.

Complete Gigs with Handles Attached

Item Description
Item Photo
Item Price Each
Click to Purchase
Walking Gig

Two Prong Gig
with NO barbs,
4 ft. LONG
with foam grip
Two prong walking Gig
Click for larger photo


Item Description
Item Photo
Item Price Each
Click to Purchase
Walking Gig

Two Prong Gig
with barbs,
4 ft. LONG
with foam grip
Two prong walking Gig
Click for larger photo


If you want a walking gig with barbs, this is a very good choice,
and this two prong gig costs less than the three prong with two barbs.

Our Most Popular BOAT Gig - 3 Prongs with Barbs on Outside Prongs
Item Description
Item Photo
Item Price Each

"Most Popular"

Three Prong Gig
with TWO barbs
with 8 ft. handle
and foam grip

Click for larger photo


This is our "Most Popular" gig that we sell.... It has excellent fish holding ability
with the outside prongs having barbs and the inside prong smooth.

Item Description
Item Photo
Item Price Each
Walking Gig

Three Prong Gig
with TWO barbs
4 ft. long
and foam grip

Click for larger photo


( Above gig is the same as "Most Popular" gig above but with shorter handle for walking )

Boat Gig
"Threads on Three"

Three Prong Gig with NO barbs on prongs with 8 ft. handle and foam grip

Click for larger photo
This is for Complete Gig
(Head only show here
for illustration)
Gig with NO Barbs....Just THREADS cut into each prong about 2 inches down from the point.
For those who don't want barbs on the gigs....Flounder come off these a lot easier;
We recommend this style gig for the most experienced giggers.
**If you want this gig with a FOUR foot handle, you need to let us know
and we will refund $10 of the charged shipping cost.


Boat Gig
"Three & Three"

Three Prong Gig
with barbs on each
prong with 8 ft.
handle and foam grip

Click for larger photo

(Complete Gig)

The "Three & Three" is our NEWEST addition to the gigs we offer.
If you are interested in our FOUR prong gigs, you may want to consider the "Three & Three".
These gigs are SUPER effective and will save you $$$ when compared to the more expensive FOUR prong gig.


"Ultimate Gig"

Four Prong Gig
with 8 ft. handle
and foam grip

Click for larger photo



The "ULTIMATE" GIG, for those who want the "Biggest and Baddest"....this is it....!
Four Stainless Steel Prongs each with a Barb...No misses with this one....!

Click here for additional Larger Photos of Flounder Gigs

Item Description
Item Photo
Item Price Each
Click to Purchase

Grips for
1.25" OD handles
Two prong walking Gig
Click for larger photo


These replacement foam grips are for gigs we sell that measure 1 1/4" outside diameter.

Must Read.....About Our Gig Handles

Gig handles we use are Aluminum Round Tubing 1.25" OD X .058" X 96" long
with 6 inch long foam grip. These gig handles are very, very strong,
yet light enough to not tire you out during your night of flounder gigging.

Note: Aluminum handles will have some light scratches from production, shipping, and handling.


>>>> Gig Heads Only <<<<
Order Gig Heads without Handles

Gig Head Only:

Two Prong
with Barbs

Click for larger photo


The above head is also available without BARBS for $39.95 - Call us for order information

Gig Head Only:
"Threads on Three"

Three Prong Gig with NO barbs

Click for larger photo

Gig Head Only:

Three Prong
with TWO barbs

Click for larger photo

Gig Head Only:

Three Prong
with three barbs

Click for larger photo

We do not offer a return/refund policy....All Sales are final
once Shipment has been made. No Exceptions...Thanks.

We now accept US POST OFFICE MONEY ORDERS for those who do not wish to use Credit Cards

Call 979-532-2577 for information


To make Credit Card payments for Deposits, CUSTOM work, or for RUSH SHIPPING,
click Payments Button below.... You will need to input dollar amount.

Any custom work for variations to the above gig designs may result in additional costs to buyer.

Flounder Removal Box

This box is a must have on a flounder boat...!

Price: $149.95
(Local pickup suggested...Shipping is available)

Makes removal of flounder from your gig QUICK and EASY so your ready for the next one!


Call 979-532-2577 for information or to talk gigging :)


NOTE: You can update the QUANTITY after you add item to shopping cart


FedEx needs your phone number for their delivery to you.

Gig handles we use are Aluminum Round Tubing 1.25" OD X .058" X 96" long
with 6 inch long foam grip. These gig handles are strong, yet light enough
to not tire you out during your night of flounder gigging.

Note: Aluminum handles might have some light scratches from handling.

.....If you have placed an order with us and have not received it, it is important that you call us at 979-532-2577 to confirm that we received the order or to see if there is a problem with your order information. We try to reply by email to all orders received to confirm receipt of the order. Thanks!



For more information or help with an order, email us at bayfish@gmail.com

Deposit for Orders

Just make a $100 Deposit and Pay Balance when you Pickup Your Order

This is for our local customers...Give Us a Call to Discuss Your Items
and then make the deposit....no Shipping costs charged this way.

Be sure to read Deposit Agreement Terms.

NOTE: When making a deposit, please read the Deposit Agreement
terms with respect to forfeiture of the deposit when items are not pickedup
in a timely manner. By making the deposit, you indicate that you agree with these terms.

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