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Our Dual Lamp 40w LED Light for Flounder Gigging

We still get lots of requests for an "above water" walking light so we have brought back one of our most popular lights from a few years back.. Take a LOOK....!!

Above Water, LED Flounder Gigging Lights - Hi-intensity LEDs

Dual Lamp 12 volt, 40W LED Flounder Gigging Light
This is our popular ABOVE WATER LED gigging light. It has an output of approximately 3800-4000 LUMEN, and features two 20w LED Floodlights. This light is intended for gigging flounder while walking, held ABOVE the water. This light is not intended to be submerged. This is a great flounder gigging light with a very low amp draw on the battery. It is designed to be very comfortable to carry due to its light weight.
More photos below....

$69.95 plus USPS shipping
To order yours...
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The battery to power these lights can be easily carried in a backpack or fanny pack. A 4 or 5 Amp Hour battery should last for 3 hours while a 7 Amp hour battery should easily power the light for five or six hours.

COLOR: Warm white color temp of 3500-3800K.


>///:> LED Flounder Gigging Lights <:\\\<

You can look 'em in the Eyes with these lights...!
(----- Photo above -----)
Long lasting construction,
High output Warm White
These have the POWER you need....and....the Flounder will FEAR....!


Light Weight ( 1.75 pounds)

Above water LED Flounder Light

Great For Walking and gigging flounder


Specials ..... Combo PACKAGE Special ..... Specials


$220 plus shipping

Here it is.....EVERYTHING you need to get started gigging flounder!
Our 3000 Lumen flounder light, four foot walking gig, two 4.5 Ah batteries,
Battery charger, and a very nice backpack** for carrying the batteries while gigging
and for storage of the flounder gigging light when not in use.
This item ships in multiple packages due to the number of items it includes.


Don't forget to order the battery for your light....see battery listed below.

Batteries for LED flounder Gigging lights

4 amp hour battery
Rechargeable, Sealed, Spill-Proof 12v Battery $25 + shipping.

To purchase our 7 amp Hour battery, click "add to cart" button below:
( please be aware that this battery is larger and heavier than the 4amh battery )


12v Battery Charger for above Batteries

12v Battery Charger for Flounder Gigging Light Battery
12v Battery Charger......$25 + shipping



Video - Raw Footage of Oct. 31, 2011
Flounder Gigging Trip in Matagorda Bay, Texas


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Battery charger for Gigging  Light Batteries Click here for larger image....