Custom Made Stainless Steel Flounder Gigs
LED Flounder Gigging Lights - Flounder Gigging Equipment

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Custom Made Flounder Gigs and Flounder Gigging Lights

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after a couple of photos below.....

Above photo.....Matt and I back in 1988....Below.....28 years later.....
and still Gigg'n...!

To see more photos of recent and past years trips,
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Below are Examples of the Gigs We Build

The flounder gigs below can be ordered here.

Shown above is our standard three prong gig.
This gig features Xtra Grip threaded prongs to make sure flounder do not fall off back in to the water....
This is the most economical gig we build.

We also build professional quality barbed gigs.

The boat gigs are 8ft long and cannot be shipped; must be picked up.
This is due to length and shipping regulations on items over 96".

Barbed Gig Pricing

4ft Walking gig 2 prong ............ $85
8ft boat boat gig 3 prong ............ $145
8ft boat boat gig 4prong ............ $175

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Credit Cards are accepted
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Through the PayPal System

To make payments for regular order, deposits,
call us at 979-532-2577

We accept PayPal Friends and Family


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