Custom Made Flounder Lights and Flounder Gigs w/ Aluminum Poles
Stainless steel flunder gigs - LED Lights for Flounder Gigging - LED Flounder Gigging Lights, Flounder lights

The brightness of our lights exceeds that of our competitors!

How Many Lumens Brightness is Needed
for Flounder Gigging Lights

Typically, the brighter the better... but, there are more factors involved than just LUMENS. Given a choice, 3200LM @ 30w is a very good all around selection in that 30w (with 45mil chips) provides excepdtional brightness while not requiring a great many amps to do so.

For the most serious and hardcore flounder gigger, take a look at our Flounder Finder III (5000+ lumen) and the new FF-7000 (7000 lumen) models.

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60w Underwater LED lights for Flounder Boats