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About Our LED Lights for Flounder Gigging
LED Flounder Gigging Lights - LED Hi-intensity Lights - Flounder lights

Our UNDERWATER 12 volt LED Flounder Gigging Light:
We newest light is shown to the right...We also offer serveral models of underwater LED flounder gigging lights. All models are available in neutral white, warm white, and some are also available with GREEN LEDs.

Our gigging lights feature a single lamp head with a 25 watt to 60 watts LEDs, depending on the particular model. Our newest model, the FF-7000, is rated at 7000 lumen and features the newest in USA Bridgelux 45mil chips.

IMPORTANT: Similar LED Underwater Gigging Lights made by our competitors do not compare in brightness to these lights.....Simply put, we feel that these lights are some of the best availble.

Underwater LED gigging lights are intended for gigging flounder while walking and are to be held under or above the water. This light is intended to be submerged, but can also be held above the surface of the water as you walk for a short time. These are great flounder gigging lights with a low amp draw on the battery. All are light weight and comfortable to carry.

The battery to power these lights can be carried in a backpack, fanny pack, camera case, or by floating it. The battery is not included in purchase, but is available for purchase below. A 4.5 Amp Hour battery should last for 3 - 4 hours while a 7 Amp hour battery should easily power the 1800 lumen lights for five or six hours if not longer.

We suggest use of a 7amp hour battery with the higher powered FF-7000 LED lights for extended use or you can use two of the 4.5amp hr batteries.


Don't forget to order the battery for your light....see battery listed below.

Batteries for LED flounder Gigging lights

4 amp hour battery
Rechargeable, Sealed, Spill-Proof 12v Battery $25 + shipping.

To purchase our 7 amp Hour battery, click "add to cart" button below:
( please be aware that this battery is larger and heavier than the 4amh battery )


12v Battery Charger for above Batteries

12v Battery Charger for Flounder Gigging Light Battery
12v Battery Charger......$25 + shipping

Flounder Removal Box

Makes removal of flounder from your gig QUICK and EASY
so your ready for the next one!! This is a must have on a flounder boat.

Price: $139.95 + Shipping
( local pickup suggested due to size )


Video - Raw Footage of Oct. 31, 2011
Flounder Gigging Trip in Matagorda Bay, Texas


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Deposit for Orders that are to be picked up

Just make a $75 Deposit and Pay Balance when you Pickup Your Order

This is for our local customers...Give Us a Call to Discuss Your Items
and then make the Shipping costs charged this way.

Be sure to read Deposit Agreement Terms.

NOTE: When making a deposit, please read the Deposit Agreement
terms with respect to forfeiture of the deposit when items are not pickedup
in a timely manner. By making the deposit, you indicate that you agree with these terms.

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